STS9 at The Quarry Amphitheater

August 4 - 5, 2023



With an ethos rooted in exploration, STS9 has been a sonic pioneer for two decades. Using electronic and acoustic means, the instrumental five-piece—comprised of Hunter Brown (guitar/keys), Jeffree Lerner (percussion), David Phipps (keyboards), Zach Velmer (drums), and Alana Rocklin (bass)—channels the primordial and celestial, producing a cutting-edge sound that has forged a path for multiple generations of electronic dance music. STS9’s innate sense of innovation is grounded by the group’s desire to forge universal connections. Seamlessly integrating their exploratory and improvisation-based music with a fully immersive light show, each performance is a transcendent celebration of humanity.


Having released twelve albums while performing in Santa Cruz dozens of times in the last twenty years including a visit to the UCSC Quarry last year, these summer concerts will mark a special homecoming show for the band that has called NorCal home for decades. STS9 will take over UCSC’s Quarry Amphitheater, an 1800s rock quarry-turned-outdoor amphitheater and concert venue, for two nights this summer.


SLPB Presents: Edge of Eden 2023

May 26

Inner Wave w/ Dream Ivory



Inner Wave is an alternative indie-pop band from Los Angeles, California. They are known for their blend of psychedelic and synthwave sounds weaving in indie rock elements, jazz chords, Latin beats, and smooth vocals.


Dream, Ivory is a duo from Seattle, composed of brothers Christian and Louie Baello. The band is the product of long hours spent in their bedroom; alternative pop, and electronic elements, resulting in a captivating and atmospheric sound that has nearly 2 million monthly listeners, you won’t want to miss.


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