Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring outside food/drinks into the event?
Outside foods and drink are permitted to be consumed in the venue space; food and drink vendors will be available on a per-event basis. Alcohol will not be allowed inside the Quarry. Consummation of alcohol is okay at the local Iveta’s cafe, which is right before the Quarry entrance.

What is the seating like?
Amphitheater seating is hard-bench. Feel free to bring in cushions if needed.

I lost something at the Quarry, what do I do?
Any lost item(s) will be reported back to our lost and found in our office. You can contact us directly, visit us during operating hours, or submit this form and someone in our team will reach out to you.

Can I bring my own portable chair/blankets to sit on?
To ensure the safety of yourself and guests around you, portable chairs will not be allowed in the venue. Extra room will be permitted to standing only, aside from the installed redwood bench seating. Blankets can be used as a cushion for the existing seating, but are not allowed to be sprawled across the floor.

Are there bathrooms inside the venue?
The Quarry will provide portable bathrooms with hand washing stations. The campus has an existing bathroom in the general area of the event, with men and women separated stalls.

Can I smoke inside the Quarry?
Per university regulations, smoking has been banned on campus. Any type of smoking device or usage of drug paraphernalia will be confiscated by campus enforcement, followed by ejection from the premises.

I am a photographer/member of the media. Where can I obtain a press pass?
Press passes will be distributed by the discretion of event management for the specific event and cannot be requested.

Will shows be canceled due to weather?
Shows will go on, rain or shine. In the event of heavy rain, performances are subject to delay or postponement. During evenings, the area can become cool. It is advisable to bring jackets/warm gear.

Will there be lockers for me to store my items?
At present, the Quarry Amphitheater does not host a locker area/coat check for visitors and guests. Please plan for additional items you are bringing.


Don't see your question answered, please feel free to contact us at quarry@ucsc.edu
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